Joanne-ShelbyHi, I’m Joanne Shelby.

I’m an author, blogger and more than anything else, an avid history enthusiast from the United States.

I hold an M.A. in History from Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion. I’ve been making studies about ancient civilizations and history for decades. For me, history isn’t just a collection of facts about the past – it’s more about seeing things from a different perspective than what we normally hold on to.

History helps us identify who we are and where our place in the world is.

And no doubt it helps us better understand societies and people, but are we really able to interpret it critically through our unbiased thinking? This is something we need to look at, seriously.

When it comes to an unbiased critical thinking, history is something everybody struggles with. Human experiences change with time and culture, and so does history. Getting a perfect picture of everything in the past is simply out of the question. But does that mean we should never try? Hell no!

Let’s look back at ourselves. Let’s explore the ancient civilizations that existed in various parts of the world. Let’s get closer to understand more and more about ourselves.

This blog is my small effort to bring everything under a roof that has shaped us the way we are today.

Nothing reflects our way of life more vividly than our own history and civilizations. In keeping with this passionate desire to know more about human civilizations on earth, I welcome you to check out my blog.

Take a look around and keep exploring.

For any suggestions, queries, or contribution, please contact me via contact page.