Top 10 Main Hindu Gods Praised Around the World

Religion is an expression for humans to understand the surrounding, karma, existence and time. It is to understand the larger universe. That is the tentative conclusion of why religion was formed and the attachment to the supreme being. Hinduism is the third largest and one of the oldest religions. Several god and goddesses are worshipped in Hindu religion which number is not definite. Even though the number is so large, it is believe that the worshippers are worshipping one particular Supreme Being.

1. Shiva


Mahesh, poupularly known as Shiva, Ashutosh, Mahadev is the destroyer of the universe. He is also one of the trinity gods of Hinduism but the only one who lives I earth, in the mountain of Kailash. He is shown as a Yogi, loving husband, father in the beginning but he is also a ferocious god who slays demons and asurs.  He is the guardian god of meditation, yoga and arts. Shiva is decorated with Ganga, the sacred river and Chandra,the serene moon on his head. Shiva is worshipped in the form of Lingam and is said to be a very simple god.

2. Brahma


Brahma, the four headed hindu god is one of the trinity gods of Hinduism. He is the creator of the universe and his four heads represents four directions. But Bramha is believed to have five heads out of which one was cut by Shiva because of Bramha’s pride. He is the creator who evolved from the lotus flower from the navel of Vishnu. His vahan is swan/goose and he lives in Brahmaloka.

3. Vishnu


Vishnu, also known by the names of Narayan, Hari is the protector of the universe. He is one of the trinity gods of Hinduism;Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is famous for his incarnation and has incarnated nine times to protect the universe from evil power to prevail peace and order. The tenth incarnation if Kalki who is believed to arrive close to the end of the world.Vishnu is believed to have been asleep in a vast sea of nothingness before the universe was created. He resides in Vishnuloka and rides mythological bird,Garuda.

4. Ganesh


Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati and the younger brother of Kumar is one of the most important deities of Hinduism and worshipped first during any ritual or puja. The elephant god once had human head. But once during misunderstanding, Shiva cut off Ganesh’s head unknown of the fact that he was his own son. Later his body was attached with an elephant’s head. Also he was granted the power to be worshipped first in any ritual. He rides mushak ‘mouse’ and is associated with mangal or good luck.

5. Krishna


Raised by his Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul, his foster parents, Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. His is also known as Shri Krishna, Vasudeva, Govinda, Gopal, Madhusudan. He was kept away to protect him from his uncle Kansa, King of Mathura because Krishna was destined to kill his uncle due to his cruel nature. His real parents were Basudev and Devaki. Krishna is a philosopher and warrior in Hinduism. To mark his birth, the festival Krishna Janmastami is celebrated and he is also one of the central figures in the epic Mahabharata. Krishna had vowed to use any weapon but agreed to be a chariot rider of Arjuna. Krishna also helped Arjuna by providing him with knowledge of Gita when in the battle of Kurushetra when Arjuna was faced with a dilemma of fighting against his kinsmen.

6. Ram


Ram, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu is also known by the names of Ramchandra/Rama. He is the ruler of Ayodhya Kingdom and the eldest son of Kaushalya and Dasharatha. On the occasion of his birth day, the festival of Ram Nawami is celebrated. He is the protagonist of  Ramayana. One of his step mothers, Kaikeyi, exiled him so that her son could be the king. Ram went on the exile for 14 years with his wife and brother. During the exile, Ravan, King of Lanka abducted Sita because of evil desires. This led to war where Ram defeated Ravan.

7. Hanuman


The son of the air diety, Pawan/ Vayu is Hanuman who is one among the eight immortals known as astachiranjiwi. Once, when hanuman was young, he tried to swallow the sun and his powers were restricted because of his mischievous act until he met Ram. After he met Ram, he became his faithful devotee and also played important role in Ramayana. He is Ram’s strongest alley and devotee. He is remembered for burning down Ravan’s kingdom, lanka and carrying an entire mountain of sanjiwani buti to save Ram’s brother Laxman. He is thus, a symbol of power of devotion.

8. Kumar Kartikeya


The eldest son of Shiva and Parvati, Kumar, also known as Kumar Kartikeya or Kartikeya is a warrior god of Hinduism who rides on a peacock. He was raise far away from his parents by the Kritikas to protect him from the attacks of the demon Tarkasur because his life objective was to kill the demon. When Kumar got his powers, he was appointed as the commander in chief of the devas in the battle against Tarkasur. He is offered to be King of Deva because of his courage and skill but he felt the role of him as commander in chief is more important.

9. Harihara


‘Hari’ is Vishnu and ‘Hara’ is Shiva. Harihara is the combination of the supreme deities of Hinduism.  Due to this, Harihar is worshipped by the devotees of both the gods. He is the representation of equivalence of all gods as the supreme power in the universe. Harihar is shown in two halves where in one, Shiva is holding trishul, drum and deer while Vishnu in the other half has conch shell and chakra.

10. Indra


The son of Aditi and son of sage Kashyap, is he leaders of devas. He is the king of heaven and god of rain. His vehicle (vahan) is Airavat, an auspicious white elephant and chariot drawn by ten thousand horses.  Indra is one of the most important deities in the sky whose weapon is vajra. He stands for courage and strength but is also a cunning god who sends asurs in the way of devotees to ruin the effort of worshipping other gods and please other gods in heaven.


The power of Hindu Gods may vary as per their role like the trinity; creator, protector and destroyer are very famous. Every God has his own role and responsibility. Through the role of different god can be important in different places, they play an important role in the universe.